Me Against the World – Daniel Palillo SS14

May 20, 2014

Daniel Palillo has always rebelled against fashion rules and for SS14 he is calling for all slackers to unite!
Working life, according to Palillo, should not be about what one does but about the way in which he or she does it—or what makes them do it.
“You just need to find your music,” he says.

SS14 titled ‘Me Against the World’ attempts to generate with clothing the empowering feeling that one gets from listening to great songs. Try wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Eat my’ written on it with rainbow-colored letters or a romantic flower-patterned beret and see where this takes you. Be bold and stay cool.

Unlike any other fashion designer in the industry, Palillo’s designs are always boundary pushing and is a way of escapism from reality.  Or perhaps on the otherhand it emboldens the wearer to be themselves and dress in a way that empowers and pushes the fashion norm.

Shop Daniel Palillo SS14 here.



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Fannie Schiavoni : Chain Reaction

February 17, 2014

Fannie Schiavoni is a designer who manipulates hard, cold metal into creations that are elegant and gracefully fluid.  Originally from Sweden, Fannie moved to London to pursue her love of design where she is now based.  With a background in tailoring, it is no wonder her chain harnesses and body pieces sculpt the wearer’s body with precision to create an ethereal effect.   All chain links are attached together by hand and lovingly made in London.  The standout of the collection is the steel chain harness with  wild pink fleur de lis embroidery on the front that adds a softness to the futuristic allure of the pvc.  Every piece is a real work of art and is even more special when you feel the weightiness in your hands and see the craftsmanship up close.  Olive Shoppe is excited to present Fannie Schiavoni’s SS14 collection into the shop.  Take a look at our photoshoot pictures below and shop the collection here.





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Get Inspired: Animal Motifs

January 10, 2014

Animal motif prints add a carefree, playful touch to any outfit. We’re inspired by these street style mavens who take these styles to the next level and it’s the bold print that really makes all the difference. Afraid of going too saccharine? Keep it simple with monotone colors and edgy footwear to keep it chic but not childish.







Shop Méchant Bébé AW13 here.


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Seoul’s Bright Young Designer: Kathleen Kye of KYE

January 3, 2014

One of the brightest stars in Seoul’s emerging fashion scene is Kathleen Kye, the designer behind independent label KYE. With both an MA and BA from London’s Central St. Martin’s, Kathleen graduated the prestigious school of design as a menswear designer. Taking it a step further and becoming an interdisciplinary designer, KYE collections are now mostly unisex and explores cultural and societal issues.

KYE AW13/14

Influenced by her surroundings, dreams and friends, we’re drawn to KYE’s unique aesthetic on high-end streetwear. Her AW13/14 collection is a bevy of urban motifs like colorful graffiti, enlarged cardboard prints with haphazard duct tape stuck about and confetti. The streetwear design is taken up a notch with the use of neoprene and leather to construct high-fashion shapes and runway-ready styles.


Images via KYE

Where AW13/14 was heavy on bold prints, SS14 KYE takes a more subdued approach and explores the popularity of plastic surgery in today’s society. Using white and gold as the main color theme, KYE SS14 is titled “Healing for the Pained Youth.” The band-aid emblem is used ubiquitously to further exemplify the medical theme. The concept is fresh and we’re loving the oversized holographic band-aids.

Shop KYE AW13/14 HERE


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Get to Know: Yot Fong, China’s Street Style Photographer

July 31, 2013

We’re all familiar with street fashion photographers in the West, but in the East is a rising young photographer called Yot Fong. Based in Shenzhen, he captures images focused around the Pearl River Delta with his favorites shooting locations being in Hong Kong and Guangzhou area. It’s interesting to see the contrast between street style from the East and West. Also what’s unique to Yot’s blog is that it’s not revolved around fashion weeks, which a lot of blogs in the West tend to focus more on. Through Yot’s lens, we get to catch a glimpse of what people really wear on the street in their daily lives, whereas during Fashion Week sometimes it feels like people are putting on a show, with the hope of getting captured by famous street style photographers.

Olive Shoppe finds Yot’s style unique to street photography, with an eye for capturing not just fashion, but lifestyle and street scenes as well. What we love is how each photograph, no matter who or what the subject is, a certain emotion permeates through the photo and onto the viewer. Definitely a rising talent in China, we sat down and had a little chat with the photographer himself to get to know more about him and how he picks his subjects.

OS: How did you get started into street photography?

YF: I majored in Graphic Design and also studied Photography in school. I hoped to become a graphic designer one day but one day by chance I saw a position opening for a street fashion photographer for a popular street fashion site in China. So I took the position, happy to even have a job at all while still in college, and then become a graphic designer after graduating, but as a result, I’m now a full-time photographer.

OSHow do you pick your subjects? Is it necessarily by the way they dress, or is there some other factor that catches your eyes?

YF: Usually by multiple standards. Of course if their style catches my eye, I’ll want to take their photograph, but after taking so many photos and meeting different types of people, I found the best photos are always of people whom have a special disposition about them and the way that they carry themselves, not necessarily always by being the best dressed or most

Where’s your favorite place to take photos?

YF: OCT Loft in Shenzhen, Central district in Hong Kong, and “Jian-She Sixth Road” in Guanzhou.

OS: What are your favorite subjects to take?

YF: People with character and charisma.

: Do you have a theme in mind when you’re walking around shooting?

YF: It’s hard to have a theme because you never know who you’ll run into on the streets. What I’ll pay a lot of attention to though is the street I’m walking on itself: the lighting, the background, and what position I can shoot from to best translate my vision through my photos. So when I meet an interesting subject, I can sort of rewind in my head what locations best fit their way of dress.

OS: When we talked a while ago, you mentioned that a visit to Tibet changed your life; how so? Has it had
any influence on your photography when you came back?

YF: During my trip to Tibet, I didn’t have work on my mind at all. But strangely after I came back, I became more focused and passionate about photography. It’s like I had an epiphany and that street style photography is my destiny.

OS: Do you have any photographers that you look up to?

YF: Scott Schuman, Bill Cunningham, Youngjun Koo, and Søren Jepsen.

OS: People very much look up to street style now for fashion inspiration whereas in the past mostly only fashion magazines could provide us with this sort of content. How do you think this type of shift will influence magazines or street photography in the future?

YF: Street fashion photographers are getting more and more attention from magazines now. I think the
cooperation opportunities between the two have a lot of potential that could benefit both parties. For fashion magazines, they’ll have more unique content and on the other hand for street style photographers, magazines will provide a big platform for them to be seen by a broader audience.

OS: Do you think you’ll still be doing be doing street photography in 10yrs time?

YF: It’s hard to say! I’m so passionate about street photography, like I was passionate about street graffiti a few years back. When a friend of mine asked me back then how long I’ll be a graffiti artist for, I said for a lifetime! But in the past two years, I’ve only done it once…

OS: What equipment do you use?

YF: Camera: canon6D, lens: sigma 50mm f1.4

OS: Do you have any tips for budding street photographers?

YF: Get to know brands and trends and of course take lots and lots of photos. Practice is the only way to get better!

All images are the property of Yot Fong.  Visit Yot Fong’s blog here.

Follow Yot on Instagram.


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