Olive Shoppe is an online multi-brand web store dedicated to independent fashion design.  We have a love for designers with a unique voice,
telling their stories through their creations and we wish to share them with customers who have a similar passion.  We believe that fashion is
more than just the functionality of a garment to clothe the body with, but rather a means of self-expression and creativity. 

Olive Shoppe sources around the globe to showcase a mix from the best emerging new talent to the more established cult brands.
We strive to bring an intuitively curated selection for the discerning shopper looking for something a bit different.
We believe that style endures over trend and aim to showcase thoughtfully designed products and to connect with people who
love them too.  Above all, we love what we do and hope you enjoy your visit.      

We ship worldwide!  All orders shipped to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau are always free. 
Free Express Shipping is offered for all other countries on orders over $275.